Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Paulinus of Nola

Fr. John Pasquini, Th.D.

Paulinus of Nola (ca. 353-431)
Paulinus of Nola was born in Bordeaux to a wealthy senatorial family.  He was a friend and disciple of the rhetorician Ausonius.  Through his training he ascended to great political eminence.  Bored with political pursuits, he retired to a life of writing.  His friends and family besought, remonstrated, and reproached him when he mentioned his desire to become a Christian.  Despite immense opposition, he gave up his wealth and property and was baptized in 390.  Shortly later, in 393, he was ordained a priest and moved to Nola with his wife Teresa.  There he led a life of prayer, mortification, poverty and the writing of Christian poetry. 
In 409 he was elected the bishop of Nola, and served in this capacity with great holiness, generosity, simplicity, gentleness, self-sacrifice and creativity till his death in 431.  He was truly a cultured and refined gentleman.